Each family's needs are different and we take pride in our ability to meet those various needs in the most caring and compassionate way possible.

- Binkley's Funeral Service



Important Message Regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak:

We recognize the seriousness of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and are doing everything we can to keep our facility, staff, and the families we serve safe.

Our team is making every effort possible to keep our space and equipment clean and sanitized. We have also been receiving updates from the Funeral Service Association of Canada for further information about preventing the spread of the virus in our area.

To better serve our families at this time we are now on Facebook and will continue to update our community through that medium.



Here For You

We make this our pledge to each and everyone we come in contact with. Whether they are family or friends, we make their association with us the most important priority we have. We are always approachable. Please accept our assistance in the sincere and simple way it is offered, with care and compassion, always.