What To Do

What to do at the time of a Death?


Many people ask us “What do we do now?”

The first thing is to contact your funeral home immediately. (Our Emergency numbers appear at the bottom of this page)

At Binkley's Funeral Service we are available by telephone 24 hours a day. Most situations will require that a family member give direction to us. The sooner we are able to begin the arrangement process the better we are able to serve you.

We only need the following information to begin caring for you and your family:

  • Name of the Deceased.
  • Location of the Deceased.
  • Name, phone number, and relationship of the person who will be in charge of making the arrangements.



What if death happens while away from home?


When death occurs away from home the unexpected decisions that need to be made in an unfamiliar atmosphere can sometimes be more difficult.

Binkley's Funeral Service has trained staff to assist you 24 hours a day should this happen to your family. (Our Emergency numbers appear at the bottom of this page)

Unnecessary costs can be avoided by contacting your funeral director back home. We are able to make long distant arrangements and coordinate all the necessary details. We can arrange to return the deceased to their home or arrange for cremation at a distant location.

By enlisting the services of only one funeral home the costs to you are significantly less.


Emergency Contact Information

Our Staff is Available 24 Hours a Day

Toll Free in Canada: 1-877-BINKLEY (246-5539)

By Collect Telephone: 1-306-297-2412